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Meet our team of consultants and presenters

Consultants & Presenters

Alison Peters is the CEO of Entrellis, LLC. Entrellis provides a human-centered design approach to help nonprofit organizations and small businesses increase the value they deliver to clients. Entrellis is able to customize effective systems for each client by integrating tools from design thinking, lean startup, and accountability in execution. This approach emphasizes a deep dive into the needs of all participants, a systematic framework to analyze options, and a stepwise, inclusive approach to implementing change.

Alison has provided strategy support and program design services to numerous clients at the local, national and international levels. Her work also includes client engagement strategies, implementation coaching, and facilitation. Recent clients include Eco-Cycle, Doctors Care, Global Greengrants Fund, Semester at Sea, SleepEasily, WalkDenver, and Goose Creek Community Land Trust.

Alison has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, program management, and impact tracking. She has also served as the managing director for CU-Boulder’s entrepreneurship center and the director of the City of Boulder’s Environmental Affairs Office. She has trained in mediation and co-active coaching. She has a BA from Yale and an MA in economics from Stanford.

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