Aaron Wrixon

Aaron Wrixon has been shaping words into strategic narratives since the late 90s. Over his career, he has written well over 8 million words—the equivalent of more than 13 copies of War and Peace.

After spending nearly two decades on corporate communications teams, he launched WRIXON, a copywriting, content creation, and digital marketing agency that has helped businesses and agencies grow in more than 120 industries throughout the English-speaking world.

He lives with his wife, two children, and Frankie and Bowie, two dogs who traded the Caribbean beach for Canadian snow. A long-time musician, he has released 9 albums you can find on all major streaming platforms.

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Jeremy Kenerson

Jeremy Kenerson is an internet marketing expert since 2009. His journey started when he was recruited to run the sales team for a Marketing Automation Software called Infusionsoft (now Keap) and then founding his digital agency in 2013. They utilized various lead generation strategies, including SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, while integrating Infusionsoft’s CRM/Email Marketing system for efficient contact management, sales pipeline, and automated follow-ups.

Despite initial success, challenges arose due to in-house hiring practices, impacting the growth and scalability of the business. However; after reading the book “The 4-Hour Work Week,” he embraced outsourcing, and since then he’s invested over $1 million in offshore teams, mastering remote team management.

Jeremy’s business has evolved over the years and in 2018 he started DeskTeam360. They offer a game-changing solution: access to a nine-person team of graphic designers, web developers, and technical virtual assistants for less than the cost of hiring one outsourced overseas team member. DeskTeam360 goes beyond providing services; it teaches clients to master the art of delegation and working with remote team members, optimizing efficiency and reducing overhead, while enabling effective digital marketing strategies.

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Stu Swineford

Runner. Cyclist. Climber of mountains. Entrepreneur. Environmentalist. Maker-upper of new words. That’s Stu Swineford in a nutshell. Open up that shell and you’ll find a Colorado guy committed to helping people achieve their personal and business goals in whatever way he can. Mostly through the power of digital marketing and a nuanced approach to collaborative consulting.

If you are struggling to figure out your next move, whether that be to run 100 miles, try to knock out a personal goal of a different type, or grow your business, Stu’s your guy. What drives his day-to-day is my genuine interest in providing assistance and helping like-minded individuals reach their highest potential. Let’s go for a ride, hike, run, or just grab a beverage and dig into what you want to achieve – then get you there.

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Suzi Bahnsen

Suzi Bahnsen is Founder of Apple & Arrow Sales, a sales and marketing training business for female entrepreneurs. Suzi owned a marketing and design agency for 8 years in Boulder, as well as a consulting agency for 2 years, where she worked as a fractional CMO, creating systems and brand strategies that helped businesses to scale and increase profitability. She has also held several leadership positions as a Chief Marketing Officer, Director, and Strategist, as well as an award-winning sales professional. Over the last 20 years, her experiences have provided her with a unique perspective on sales and marketing today. Her passion is creating strategies and action plans for small business owners based on confidence, alignment and manageable steps to help her clients reach their targeted goals before burnout. Her approach is to always stay current and relevant and to share her knowledge to support businesses that need a boost with marketing and sales success.

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Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool

Sisters, Marta and Anna, began dreaming about starting a bilingual preschool together, while living in different countries in 2020. They were working in preschools and shared their experiences, views, and learnings with each other. They wanted to create a preschool that offered bilingual, quality education with a multicultural perspective. Marta and Anna’s dreams materialized into a project once they moved to Colorado and found a community to offer their child care services. In March 2023, Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool was opened in Gunbarrel, CO.

The center is bilingual (Spanish/English) and follows a play-based education philosophy. Much of the program is based on Reggio Emilia’s approach to early childhood education, and classrooms are mixed-age with children between 2 and 5 years. Multiculturalism is a strong component of the program, and the founders believe, “being exposed to different cultures enriches human beings”. Children are also provided with opportunities and tools for developing social-emotional skills in order to form healthy relationships.

At Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool, children are offered a multicultural, quality education through an immersive, fun experience. The children are provided a safe environment to explore, learn Spanish, and grow among different cultures, races, nationalities, and backgrounds. The founders’ favorite aspects of their business are the interactions with the children and overall challenges and accomplishments that come with running a preschool. They are proud of the progress they have made along the way, “we started with a dream, and we now have a preschool”.

Marta and Anna first began working with the Boulder SBDC through its Spanish-language early childhood education provider training program and continue to participate in workshops and one-on-one consultations. They have received assistance with starting up, managing an early child care business, sales and marketing strategies, including best uses of social media, and other topics. Marta and Anna are grateful for the support they have received from the Boulder SBDC team and appreciate the variety of resources available at no cost, especially online and in Spanish, “SBDC has been accompanying us along the way, and it has been very helpful and a great support…They are very professional and supportive and have an amazing disposition to help small businesses”.

Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool has found success in its receptivity in the Boulder community and is looking forward to its future growth. After only 9 months of opening, the preschool has a waitlist and will open its next classroom in 2024, “we are supporting the community, and the community of Boulder is supporting our growth; it has been an amazing journey! Thank you, SBDC”.

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