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COVID-19 Funding & Resources

COVID Funding

The Boulder SBDC has partnered with the Boulder County Commissioners’ Office to provide a comprehensive list of federal, state and local funding opportunities for Boulder County-based businesses. This list is updated regularly. Each program has a short description, eligibility, funding amounts and a deadline to apply.

If you are a Boulder County business looking for assistance with your funding application, or you just have general questions about the programs, please schedule your virtual, no-cost consulting appointment using the buttons below.

If you have an opportunity to add to this list, please contact us.

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Most of these programs have specific criteria on the allowed uses on any funds distributed. Businesses are advised to pay careful attention to these criteria. In addition, almost all programs do not allow a business to use funds from more than one program for the same expense or loss of revenue. This is known as “double-dipping” and may result in a demand for return of the funds along with penalties and interest.