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Success Stories

Full Stop. Bakery

In November 2020, amidst a period of deep reflection, the journey of Full Stop. Bakery began. The founder Sadie Stutzman, then a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at CU, realized a need For change in her life trajectory. The desire to prioritize people and connections led to the pivot into the food industry. This shift was further fueled by the creation of The OG: Parm & Herb Sourdough Cracker, a collaborative effort with the founder’s mother and sister.

Full Stop. Bakery specializes in artisanal sourdough crackers, offering a range of five savory and one sweet seasonal variety. These crackers are unique for their versatility, pairing well with wine or serving as a snack on hiking trails. The sourdough aspect not only adds a distinct taste but also benefits easier digestion and promotes a healthier gut biome. The heart of Full Stop. lies in its people-centric approach. The founder cherishes the connections made with customers, colleagues, and mentors, viewing these relationships as the core motivation behind the business. This focus on people has been a guiding force, inspiring the founder to envision their crackers bringing joy to various life moments. The journey of Full Stop. has seen significant progress. Starting as a home bakery, it evolved into a commissary kitchen, with a growing team dedicated to the founder’s vision. The business has marked its growth through increased revenue, capacity expansion, and a widening customer base. Comfort zones are continuously challenged, paving the way for new phases of growth.

Sadie Stutzman’s participation in the Boulder SBDC’s Leading Edge course in 2023 was a pivotal moment. With an engineering background, the course provided foundational business
knowledge, networking opportunities, and a platform to develop an investor pitch. The guidance and mentorship from seasoned professionals at the SBDC have been invaluable,
offering insights and support in navigating the business landscape.

Full Stop. Bakery’s future is ambitious and bright. The founder envisions the brand achieving global recognition and establishing a Full Stop. Crackery in the United States. This space aims to educate visitors about sourdough, create lasting memories, and offer a variety of sourdough products. As Full Stop. Bakery continues to grow, its commitment to bringing
people together through food remains steadfast.

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center

The nonprofit world can be difficult to enter, so when Denise Perreault was in the beginning stages of starting her own nonprofit, Art Parts, she looked to the Boulder Small Business Development Center for guidance. The SBDC helped Denise and her co-founders figure out the most crucial aspects of their new business. “In our four-year founding and planning phase, the most daunting task was setting a realistic budget, as we had no experience there. The

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Leenie’s Southern Cafe

Conversations, laughter, biscuits and homemade jam melt together at Leenies Southern Café. Established in January 2006, Mel Flores and Eileen Gilmore’s restaurant in Longmont, CO has become a destination for those looking for a classic Southern breakfast and lunch restaurant in Longmont. The dining area is blanketed in simple white tablecloths and is surrounded by shelves loaded with Leenies jams and dishes while local artisan artwork decorates the walls. The atmosphere is relaxed and the

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We brew what we teach and we teach what we brew — and we’re gonna have fun. — Bill Campbell, Brewmented Oftentimes, a good business opportunity can be found by looking at an established industry in new and unique ways. For Bill Campbell and partner, Vlad Aleksiev, Brewmented was a solution to converting craft beer drinkers and wine/mead/cider affectionados to home brewers and winemakers. A home brewer since the 1970’s, Bill Campbell has watched the

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Ku Cha House of Tea

Originally from China, husband and wife entrepreneurial team, Qin Liu and Rong Pan graduated from the Leeds School of Business at Colorado University with the dream of starting their own company. The original business idea was from Qin’s Business Plan Preparation class while enrolled in CU. In 2005, they launched their business, drawing upon the 5000-year-old tradition of drinking tea. In 2007, Qin and Rong changed the company’s original name from “The Leaf – All

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