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MFB Fertility Inc. (Proov)

After three years of infertility and miscarriages, Dr. Amy Beckley used her own science expertise to uncover her own luteal phase defect – a problem with ovulation quality. With help from her doctor and a simple supplement, Amy was able to get pregnant with her daughter.

After her experience, Amy started Proov, a series of at home fertility tests, supplements, and guides. She wanted to create a better way to conceive that was faster and less costly. Proov is dedicated to helping couples conceive and empower women at every stage of life to track their own hormones quickly and easily at home. Amy says her favorite part of her company is, “seeing all the success stories and cute little babies Proov helped create.”

With the help of the Colorado TechSource program, Amy was able to apply for and be awarded multiple federal SBIR grants totaling over $2 million. According to Amy, ”The grant writing resource was amazing. It helped [Proov] apply for grants [they] wouldn’t have been able to. Grant income was the first money into the company and really helped [them] grow and be successful.” She also notes that, “Colorado is an amazing place to own a business,” with great resources and people.

In 2021, Proov was awarded FDA clearance and has since rolled out their own mobile app, raised millions of dollars in venture capital, and launched in Walgreens stores across the US. They are now working to get into hormone health for menopause to help women in their 40’s navigate the “tricky perimenopause transition so they can thrive”.

Icebox Knitting

Icebox Knitting is an outdoor lifestyle manufacturing company based out of Longmont. Icebox emerged from its parent company, Alpine knitting in 1993. Initially located on Seventh and Walnut street in Boulder, Icebox has been around for over two decades. Icebox Knitting has two core brand lines, Dohm and Xob. Dohm is a traditional yet vibrant textile brand, made from yarn imported from Italy. Xob’s line is sustainably created from upcycled materials. Initially, to create Xob’s

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Whitehorse Heart

“Whitehorse Heart is a consulting company dedicated to reinvention and wellbeing from a business, career and physical standpoint. We help you put another oar in the water to make an effective Plan B or help you get a fresh perspective and new direction in your job or career search. If needed, we can guide you to shift your shape physically so that your outside image and your mind’s eye image merge”, says Teri Sanchez. “Since

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Plains To Peaks Chocolate

Plains to Peak Chocolate Company is run by Sunni Sylvester and her husband Jeff. The two did not always have aspirations to make their own chocolate, but like many businesses today, a simple passion and idea can be all it takes to start something great. The direction of your business career can be random, and that is exactly what happened with Sunni and Jeff. “We started randomly. I would buy chocolate, look at the ingredients,

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Boulder’s Best Organics

Sure, visitors to Boulder enjoy the Flatirons, the creek path, and the Pearl Street Mall. But they also enjoy Chocolove dark chocolate, Justin’s peanut butter, and Pangea lotion. Locally made products define the unique character of Boulder just as much as the town’s natural setting. This inspired Arron Mansika to form the company Boulder’s Best Organics. Boulder’s Best Organics creates gift collections of the finest organic items exclusively from Boulder based companies. Mansika chose to

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