"Keeping Your Business Together in a Crisis" Webinar Series

Part 1:
Financial Health
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Part 2:
Defensive Marketing
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Part 3:
The Big Picture
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Part 4:
Alternative Funding

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Part 5:
Commercial Lease Tactics & Negotiation Strategies
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Part 6:
Opening Again (Part I)

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Part 7:
Spending Your PPP Money (Part 1)

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Part 8:
Discovering Opportunities with Government Contracting
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Part 9:
What's Working

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Part 10:
Spending Your PPP Money (Part 2) - What We Know Now
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Part 11:
Selling Online & Boosting Sales

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Part 12:
Understanding Your Cash Flow

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Part 13:
PPP & EIDL Updates

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Part 14:
What is Your Business Worth During the Time of COVID-19?
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Part 15: Funding After PPP Loans
July 8, 10-11 am

With federal funding programs like PPP coming to an end, businesses are wondering what they can expect from banks moving forward. Join this livestream webinar to hear from a lending panel about what comes next and how you can prepare for future financing. Q&A to follow panel discussion.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting this webinar. As a small business that is running because of the SBDC, I am so appreciative of what you do for business owners. I went to film school and I'm only successful in my business because of the years of support I've gotten from the SBDC to help me get a business mindset and navigate the crazy waters of running a company. In all of this uncertainty, it's felt like I couldn't find good, solid answers on our PPP loan, and this webinar was so helpful and the tool of the PPP Loan Forgiveness Estimator is so comforting to get some answers. Keep up the good work, and stay healthy out there."​

Shawna Schultz,

Mass FX Media

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