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Meet our team of consultants and presenters

Consultants & Presenters

Leadership & Team Development ; Early- and Mid-stage CPG; Generalist

Arron Mansika

Arron Mansika has developed programming for and counseled thousands of entrepreneurs (yes, literally). He co-created a trade association in 2006 called Naturally Boulder, then led it for 15 years. As inaugural Executive Director, Arron oversaw the group’s cultural and business development as the model expanded to nine markets across the US, forming Naturally Network.

Arron is the Executive Director of a leadership development institute called RIHEL. Emphasizing a focus on public and environmental health workforces, RIHEL trains advanced leadership skills.

Arron is the founder of Mindful Your Business. The company builds skills in business professionals to meet each moment with their awareness and intelligence – not habit – to align intention with impact and generate effective action.

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