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Consultants & Presenters

Retail, food service, start-up, business planning

Balfour (Bal) Patterson

Bal Patterson joined his family’s business, The Printed Page, in 1989 after years of work in advertising, publishing and product management, both in Boulder and Los Angeles. He managed the Page on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall while also serving as the Marketing Director for Downtown Boulder, and then opened Page Two in Gunbarrel. That business flourished for 25 years, combining both a book, gift and stationery retail store with a café/coffee shop. Before joining the SBDC he also served as a Project Manager for Boulder catering company Savory Cuisines, managing a corporate café and directing special projects. As a hometown fellow experienced in retail, food service, startups and business planning, he is a strong advocate for the ingenuity, creativity and determination of anyone who desires to build a business in Boulder County.

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