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Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool

Sisters, Marta and Anna, began dreaming about starting a bilingual preschool together, while living in different countries in 2020. They were working in preschools and shared their experiences, views, and learnings with each other. They wanted to create a preschool that offered bilingual, quality education with a multicultural perspective. Marta and Anna’s dreams materialized into a project once they moved to Colorado and found a community to offer their child care services. In March 2023, Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool was opened in Gunbarrel, CO.

The center is bilingual (Spanish/English) and follows a play-based education philosophy. Much of the program is based on Reggio Emilia’s approach to early childhood education, and classrooms are mixed-age with children between 2 and 5 years. Multiculturalism is a strong component of the program, and the founders believe, “being exposed to different cultures enriches human beings”. Children are also provided with opportunities and tools for developing social-emotional skills in order to form healthy relationships.

At Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool, children are offered a multicultural, quality education through an immersive, fun experience. The children are provided a safe environment to explore, learn Spanish, and grow among different cultures, races, nationalities, and backgrounds. The founders’ favorite aspects of their business are the interactions with the children and overall challenges and accomplishments that come with running a preschool. They are proud of the progress they have made along the way, “we started with a dream, and we now have a preschool”.

Marta and Anna first began working with the Boulder SBDC through its Spanish-language early childhood education provider training program and continue to participate in workshops and one-on-one consultations. They have received assistance with starting up, managing an early child care business, sales and marketing strategies, including best uses of social media, and other topics. Marta and Anna are grateful for the support they have received from the Boulder SBDC team and appreciate the variety of resources available at no cost, especially online and in Spanish, “SBDC has been accompanying us along the way, and it has been very helpful and a great support…They are very professional and supportive and have an amazing disposition to help small businesses”.

Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool has found success in its receptivity in the Boulder community and is looking forward to its future growth. After only 9 months of opening, the preschool has a waitlist and will open its next classroom in 2024, “we are supporting the community, and the community of Boulder is supporting our growth; it has been an amazing journey! Thank you, SBDC”.

AOW Handmade

Annie Oakley Waterman is an entrepreneur and owner of AOW Handmade. AOW Handmade, founded in 2015, is a unique business that connects artisan enterprisers from all over the developing world to buyers in the United States. Whether it is textiles, silver, brass, paper maché or other materials, Annie seeks out socially responsible producers and helps them to sell their products to the western world. Annie’s favorite places to find her goods are in Mexico and

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InDevR is a small, privately held biotechnology company in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2003, by Dr. Kathy Rowlen, Dr. John Birks and Dr. Laura Kuck, InDevR employs a highly motivated team of individuals dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative technologies that will help fill gaps in the current paradigm for virus-related diagnostics. InDevR develops advanced life science instrumentation and assays for analysis of viruses and other microorganisms. Their goal is to revolutionize microbiological

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Leenie’s Southern Cafe

Conversations, laughter, biscuits and homemade jam melt together at Leenies Southern Café. Established in January 2006, Mel Flores and Eileen Gilmore’s restaurant in Longmont, CO has become a destination for those looking for a classic Southern breakfast and lunch restaurant in Longmont. The dining area is blanketed in simple white tablecloths and is surrounded by shelves loaded with Leenies jams and dishes while local artisan artwork decorates the walls. The atmosphere is relaxed and the

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Grasshaven Outdoor

The media has called her the “Martha Stewart of Camping” and it is a title she proudly wears. Dawn Bitz, founder and majority owner of Grasshaven Outdoor is in business to bring sophistication, style and comfort into our time outdoors through stylish outdoor camping equipment, unique RV housewares and general outdoor fun products. Grasshaven Outdoor also strives to deliver a wealth of great ideas and outdoor recipes. Dawn got her inspiration when, as a busy

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