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Dulceria BomBon

Linda’s passion for Mexican culture and traditions, along with her enthusiasm for cake making, inspired her to open her dulceria (candy store) in 2016. She wanted to share the vibrant and delicious aspects of Mexican culture with her local community. Through her business, Dulceria BomBon, Linda brings unique candies, piñatas, and custom cakes for all celebrations and everyday enjoyment to Longmont, CO.

Dulceria BomBon offers a wide variety of Mexican candies, authentic piñatas, and customizable cake orders for all occasions. Linda’s favorite part of her business is bringing joy to people’s celebrations through her business’ unique and tasty products. Since opening the store, Dulceria BomBon has expanded its product range and is continuing to grow its customer base.

Linda was introduced to the Boulder SBDC through its one-on-one, bilingual consulting program and was connected to additional Spanish-language resources for her business. She participated in the Insight market research training program and has received assistance with business development, marketing strategies, and financial planning and shares, “their [SBDC] guidance has played a key role in our growth”.

The resources through the Boulder SBDC helped Linda develop a solid business plan, understand market trends, and connect with local resources. The combined support through the one-on-one consulting and workshops helped Linda address specific challenges in the food and events industries.

Looking ahead, Dulceria BomBon is exploring new avenues for growth and is interested in expanding its online presence and partnerships. They are excited to introduce new products to their customers in the future and strive to continue to be a go-to destination for Mexican candies, piñatas, and custom cakes for all celebrations in the community. Linda says, “I would like to express gratitude to our loyal customers and for the support we’ve received from the community. Our commitment to quality products and personalized service has been key to our success, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers”.

Ku Cha House of Tea

Originally from China, husband and wife entrepreneurial team, Qin Liu and Rong Pan graduated from the Leeds School of Business at Colorado University with the dream of starting their own company. The original business idea was from Qin’s Business Plan Preparation class while enrolled in CU. In 2005, they launched their business, drawing upon the 5000-year-old tradition of drinking tea. In 2007, Qin and Rong changed the company’s original name from “The Leaf – All

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Full Stop. Bakery

In November 2020, amidst a period of deep reflection, the journey of Full Stop. Bakery began. The founder Sadie Stutzman, then a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at CU, realized a need For change in her life trajectory. The desire to prioritize people and connections led to the pivot into the food industry. This shift was further fueled by the creation of The OG: Parm & Herb Sourdough Cracker, a collaborative effort with the founder’s

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MFB Fertility Inc. (Proov)

After three years of infertility and miscarriages, Dr. Amy Beckley used her own science expertise to uncover her own luteal phase defect – a problem with ovulation quality. With help from her doctor and a simple supplement, Amy was able to get pregnant with her daughter. After her experience, Amy started Proov, a series of at home fertility tests, supplements, and guides. She wanted to create a better way to conceive that was faster and

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Golden Aspen Bilingual Preschool

Sisters, Marta and Anna, began dreaming about starting a bilingual preschool together, while living in different countries in 2020. They were working in preschools and shared their experiences, views, and learnings with each other. They wanted to create a preschool that offered bilingual, quality education with a multicultural perspective. Marta and Anna’s dreams materialized into a project once they moved to Colorado and found a community to offer their child care services. In March 2023,

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